Heimarbeit: one of the most searched words

Every month, Google receives approximately 33,000 searches for Heimarbeit from users in Germany.

Have thousands and thousands of people gone crazy deciding to quit their current in-office jobs, or deciding to work part time from their own home?

If you think about it, it is not that crazy. The concept of commuting to an office space is becoming more and more obsolete.

Why? It’s really simple. We can easily do any of our tasks remotely and we have great tools to help us with that:

  • Meetings with colleagues: you can use any chat or video platform. At 5CA we plan to implement Microsoft Teams which is not only a nice platform for chatting, you can also send a lot of Gifs!
  • Working tools: all of our work remote employees have access to the necessary tools for their work. It can be web based or a software. Again, nothing that you need an office for.
  • Sharing and storing information: our employees are constantly sharing information, because we manage a lot of data. Since no one uses paper anymore (nice for the environment), all the data sharing is done through different cloud based platforms.

Are you wondering why you should work remotely? We give you a couple of good reasons here.

Who are we, anyways?

5CA is a company dedicated to provide Customer Support. We have offices in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition, we have over 40 different nationalities working remotely.

We provide Customer Support in different channels: chat, email, calls, and soon enough we will be supporting VR games. Exciting, uh?

Why is 5CA hiring German speaking work from home employees?

Simply put: we offer Customer Support (inbound, always) to our clients. They hire us to make sure that they customers can be assisted on their requests. It could be trouble-shooting a technical problem with a gadget, or resolving an order related problem.

Because we have a lot of volume for German speaking projects, we need to be able to attend them all.

We do that in our offices in Utrecht, the Netherlands and in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But we noticed something: our talent pool was critically reduced by having in-office employees only.

Let’s give you an example: we have a many Gaming projects in 5CA. If we hire someone to work for one those projects, we want them to be a true gamer. Just because they will understand the clients much better than a person that doesn’t know much about Gaming. We have experienced that by recruiting work from home employees, we can find excellent profiles to support those projects.

What is it like to work remotely at 5CA?

Recruitment process

Here is what happens after you send your application:

1. Our HR team reviews your profile and decides whether you are a match for the position

2. If your profile is a match, you are invited for an interview

3.  After that you are invited for a language test

4. Then you have an IT tests and final interviews with HR and other departments.

How do we pay

All our remote employees are paid on a weekly basis via a freelancing platform. If you are new to this, don’t worry. Our HR team will make sure you are fully informed on how to use it.

We use two main freelancing platforms that are widely used when it comes to payments. That ensures that all your payments are done safely and on time.

So, if you are invited to an interview, don’t be shy, ask as much as you want about it!


Our customers are all  involved in the Technology sector: Gaming, Consumer Electronics, E-Commerce, Computer Hardware. That is the main reason we look for tech-savvy people, and that we find so resourceful to recruit work from homers.

You can be a dedicated advisor (handling only one project) or a multivendor (two or more different projects). Don’t be mistaken by the ‘multivendor’ naming, we only get inbound calls, and we never try to sell anything.

Do you want to work from home for 5CA?


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