Position in Utrecht, the Netherlands

W A S D are more than just letters in the alphabet for you, 59 FPS is a situation you don’t want to come across, you know what the abbreviations MMORPG and DLC stand for, and you prefer to use the word LAG as little as possible. Oh, and you’re the first person your parents call when their computer breaks down again and you actually like helping people with these kind of problems.

Did you read this with a smile on your face and thought “This is me”? Then working at 5CA is something you should consider!

Simply put, 5CA offers Customer Support in the Tech and Gaming market. We provide international support for several key players in the market, who outsource (part of) their business to us. We have offices in Buenos Aires (ARG) and Utrecht (NL) as well as colleagues working from home all over the globe.

For our team in Utrecht (NL) we are looking for a German and English speaking gamer that will bring his or her technical knowledge and skills to the test for one of our projects that is specialized in hardware for the gaming market.

Still interested? Well.. you’re not there yet!

Your daily tasks consist primarily of sending out e-mails that solve the technical issues customers might have with their products. You also help them out with their online orders and detect general problems in e-commerce and with the products. You’re a great communicator and jump into action when you are called upon. You don’t mind working on a fixed schedule and are flexible when it comes to working a day in the weekend a few times a month.

Still think this is you? We do have some combo breakers:

  • You’re a (near) native German speaker
  • Your English is hard to distinguish from that of a native English speaker
  • You did well in school. If not and you claim to have the right skills, we like to hear your bluff.
  • You know your computer games and are up to speed with the latest tech developments
  • You like to learn, please people and look for the best results at all times
  • A limit is just a word, not something that really exists
  • You are available to work in the weekend a few days a month


What do you get for doing all this?

  • Money in the bank (or just to spend on new computer stuff)
  • Working at a great location and a fun office
  • Great like-minded colleagues
  • Drinks on Friday, bowls filled with candy and fruit to grab while you work.
  • A young and growing company with opportunities to develop yourself


Are you in the “Get this vacancy offline, that job is mine!”-mode. Then this is what you should do:

Apply for the job with your CV and we will contact you about the process. In the first stage, we will ask you some questions per e-mail. The next level is a Skype meeting to get to know you a bit better in a low key setting. If we feel that there is a mutual match, we invite you to take our talent assessment where we test both your German and English skills. Pass the test and you’re invited to our castle for the final interview, where you can prove us right for inviting you!