Here are some common questions about working at 5CA.


What is 5CA?
5CA is an international and multilingual customer care expert. We provide our clients with the opportunity to outsource their customer service department or call center in order to ensure high quality customer contact, 24/7, in over 13 different languages. We specialize in technical support and customer care services. 5CA is a major player in the industries of customer electronics and video games.
Why should I apply for a job at 5CA?
At 5CA you will find a professional and multicultural working environment with people from all over the world. We offer an organized structure, product of years of experience in the industry, which allows all Customer Advisors to benefit from our expertise. You will receive training, access to the latest information in technology, and video games. We will also supply all the required softwares and tools. At 5CA we always focus on a long-term relationship and we treat our remote employees as a part of the 5CA family.
Does 5CA also have other positions besides of Customer Advisor?
Yes. Please see our listed open positions to see what kind of vacancies we have right now.
I am interested in working for 5CA but I don't see a suitable vacancy. Can I still apply?
Yes. If you don’t see a suitable vacancy published at the moment that matches with your specific profile and languages, you can send us an open job application. We will save your information so we can consider your profile for future vacancies.
How do I apply for a position at 5CA?
If you’re interested in applying for a position, please see our currently listed vacancies here.

Remote position


What does it mean to be a 5CA home based Customer Advisor?
Working as a home based Customer Advisor gives you the opportunity to be part of our team with the comfort of working from your own home, regardless of where you live. Together with many other home based colleagues from all over the world and with colleagues from our offices in Europe and South America, you will work on some of our great projects.
What kind of shifts does 5CA have?
As a company we work 24/7/365 on several projects in different time zones and in many different languages. We therefore have many different shift options with a variety in work hours and days off.
What kind of projects will I work on?
We have many clients with very interesting projects. The vast majority of all projects are focused on technology, consumer electronics and video gaming.
Can I choose my own hours and days off?
That depends. A fulltime position consists of 5 workdays divided over the 7 days of the week (including sometimes Saturday and/or Sunday). You can of course let us know your preference, but the exact shift possibilities depend on coverage needs. This will be discussed further during the recruiting process.
What kind of work would I do as a Customer Advisor?
As a Customer Advisor, you will provide customer service and/ or technical support via telephone, e-mail or chat, generally in multiple languages. The platform you will use will depend on the project you are working on.
On how many projects will I be working on?
A new employee will be trained initially in 1 or 2 projects. Later on, more training will be offered for other projects as well.
What are some of the specific products I will support?
We train our employees in a mix of projects. These can be related to video games, headsets, golf GPS systems, computer hardware or many other kinds of consumer electronics.
Is communication inbound or outbound?
The work of a Customer Advisor is purely focused on Customer Care, all the communication is inbound.
What are the benefits of working from home?
Working from home has many benefits, here are just a few:

  • Better balance between work and life
  • Save on travel expenses, no commute
  • Greater job satisfaction, less stressful work environment
  • More free time to do what you like
  • Create your own comfortable work from home office

Find out more on why you should work from home.

Requirements to work at 5CA

Is there an age requirement to work for 5CA?

All employees must be at least 18 years of age.

What are the home office requirements?

In order to be considered for a work from home position, you will need to meet the following technical requirements:

  • Written only projects:
    • CPU: Core i3 2.4ghz or faster
    • RAM: 4GB or more
    • Network: 1mbps download and 0.5 mbps upload
  • Phone call projects:
    • CPU: Core i5 2.8ghz or faster
    • RAM: 6GB or more
    • Network: 4mbps download and 1.5mbps upload

*   We accept Mac laptops as long as they meet above requirements and they have a Chrome or Firefox browser installed.

Furthermore, you must have a comfortable dedicated work space, located within your own residence. A quiet place where you will not be disturbed and where there are no noises from your surroundings.

Do I need specific experience?
It helps if you have experience in a Customer Service environment, Call Center or other international business setting, but not having this experience is not always an excluding factor. For some specific positions we do have extra requirements related to hardware – and networking knowledge.
Am I the right candidate for the job?
We are looking for customer service oriented people with a passion for video gaming and technology in general. You must enjoy troubleshooting and helping people. You need to be flexible, a strong communicator, great at multitasking and eager to learn and keeping your knowledge up to date.
Does it matter in which country I live?
No. As long as you meet the technical requirements you can apply for a home based Customer Advisor position from anywhere in the world.

Residents in the Netherlands and Argentina are not allowed to work from home.


Will I receive training for the position?
Yes. You will always start with an introduction day to the company and a training for the project(s) you will be working on before you start as a Customer Advisor.
How will I receive training and what is its duration?
Training will be a combination of face to face video call sessions and self-study / e-learning.

The necessary training material will of course be provided by 5CA. The duration of your initial training depends on your first project (s) but will be between 3 to 10 working days.

Is the training paid?
Yes. The initial training will be paid after your first month as a work from home Customer Advisor.


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