5CA is a Customer Experience partner with a global talent network spread across five continents and a home office in Utrecht, The Netherlands. For 17 years, we have perfected the art of working from home and specialize in providing exceptional support services for the gaming and digital industries.

5CA is a leading provider of highly flexible, data-driven outsourced customer support solutions. We specialize in delivering exceptional customer support services in any language, skill level, and location — no matter where your customers are.

Through our innovative talent, data-driven insights, and state-of-the-art technology, we revolutionize customer support services and elevate them to global brand experiences.

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5CA runs on a remote-first model, allowing us to have a geographically diverse team with most of our employees working from home across five continents. We also offer a hybrid work model for our employees based in the Netherlands.

Find our office:

Stationsstraat 154, 3511 EK
Utrecht, the Netherlands

You can find all available job openings on our Open Positions page

Although most 5CA positions are full-time, we occasionally offer part-time job opportunities. We believe in accommodating our employees’ needs as much as possible. During your first interview, you can discuss your preferred working hours, and we’ll work with you to find a suitable arrangement

5CA occasionally offers internship opportunities in various departments.

We believe in investing in the next generation of talent and providing them with valuable work experience. Therefore, we welcome any interested candidates to apply for our internship opportunities.

To see our available internships, view all Open Positions.

We’re always looking for people with new and unique skills.

To find out whether there’s a place for you, check the description for the job you’re interested in on our Open Positions page.

The recruitment process for active job openings can take 2-4 weeks.

The length of time varies depending on how many applications we receive and how quickly candidates respond to our recruitment emails. However, you’ll usually have a response within a week of your application or assessment.

For open applications, we’ll add your application to the 5CA talent pool and consider you when an active position becomes available.

The 5CA recruitment process consists of five simple steps:

1. Application: The first step in our recruitment process. If your skills and experience match our job requirements and the position aligns with your career goals, don’t hesitate to submit your application!

2. Screening interview: If you are shortlisted, you will be invited for our first interview with a recruiter and the hiring manager. This interview typically lasts 45 minutes.

3. Assessment: During our recruitment process, we use psychometric assessments to determine if candidates have the right skill set and attributes for their applied position. We, therefore, assess whether a candidate is the right fit for a role.​

4. Manager interview: If your first interview is successful and you have passed the assessments, you’ll meet the Hiring Manager for a second interview. This interview can take up to 60 minutes.

5. Offer: If you complete all stages successfully, we’ll extend an offer and provide the tools and support you need to thrive in your new role at 5CA.

  • Take your assessments in a quiet, comfortable place when feeling fresh and well-rested (preferably in the morning).
  • Complete your assessments on a laptop or PC (not a mobile phone) with a good internet connection (Wi-Fi, 4G/5G).
  • Ensure you have the latest browser version installed (Google Chrome, Edge & Safari work best).
  • Once you start an assessment, please do not exit while in the middle of a test. Your account will be locked.
  • Do not use the back or forward buttons on your browser during the test.
  • For technical questions, reach out to the SHL support team via: support.shl.com
  • Keep paper and a pen nearby should you need them.

You may have blocked your assessment account due to logging in and out too many times. Please reach out to your recruiter.

If you receive this message, please clear your Cache and Cookies under your browser Settings. Then, log in and try again.

If the issue persists, get in touch via the contact form.

5CA offers competitive market salaries for all open positions, which vary depending on the candidate’s location. We strive to ensure that our compensation packages align with industry standards and reflect candidate skills and experience.

To help us provide a salary offer that meets your expectations, we encourage you to share your salary expectations in your application form. Additionally, during the recruitment process, you can discuss your compensation package with your recruiter, who will work with you to find a suitable arrangement.

Most 5CA staff positions have schedules that run from Monday to Friday. However, depending on the specific role and team requirements, you may need guaranteed availability outside regular business hours.

Your recruiter will provide relevant information regarding the job description and work schedule during the application process. If you have any further queries or concerns about working hours, please discuss them with your recruiter during the interview process.

We encourage open and transparent communication to ensure our employees have a positive and fulfilling work experience at 5CA.

Contracts depend on location and our open positions.

  • Location: Freelance or Payroll
  • Position: Hours, Duration, and/or Payroll implementation (temporary, fixed term, indefinite)

Your recruiter will discuss these options with you during the recruitment process.

Depending on the position, 5CA may provide a visa/work permit and a relocation package. This information will be clearly stated in the job ad. You can also discuss it with your recruiter in the first interview.

At 5CA, we believe training is essential to ensure our employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. Staff training is dependent on the complexity and familiarity with the required tools.

We value continuous learning and encourage employees to participate in ongoing training and development programs to enhance their skills and knowledge. 5CA is committed to supporting employees’ professional growth and development to help them achieve their career goals.

We appreciate your enthusiasm for working with us. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to put a timeline on talent pool-to-work as we can never predict how quickly positions will open.

We’ll secure and keep your information available for one year (max), providing enough time for us to find a position for you. (Note: we’ll usually find you a position far sooner than a year!)

You’ll remain an active member of the 5CA Talent Pool for 12 months.

Each department develops internal training based on role requirements; we also offer access to our learning experience platform, which contains a library of online training courses that employees can register for.

5CA encourages open communication between employees and their managers. Employees who feel that a specific training course is crucial to their job are welcome to discuss it with their manager. We are committed to supporting our employees’ ongoing professional development and providing them with the necessary resources to succeed.

Working from home has many benefits, including:

  • Better job satisfaction
  • Less-stress work environment
  • Free time for your hobbies, family, and yourself
  • Personalizing your home office the way you like it
  • No wasted commute time
  • Savings on travel expenses

5CA is open to applications from almost anywhere in the world, provided you meet a job’s requirements. However, we consider plenty of things when reviewing your application.

For example, we consider shifts and working hours for all positions. As a company, we aim to pay a fair wage while ensuring employees avoid working night shifts wherever possible.

If you’re based in a location we can’t receive applications from, you’ll see a notice in the application form letting you know if we can process your application further. If no such message is present, feel free to apply.

As a work-from-home employee, you will be responsible for providing your own device to work on. However, for hybrid positions where you split your time between working from home and the office, we provide hardware material on your first day in the office.

Technical Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 or 11, 64-bit or OS X 10.11 or later 64-bit
  • Processor: i5-8260U or better
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Download: 10.0 Mbps
  • Upload: 10.0 Mbps

Judging whether an application has gone unanswered for too long can be difficult. Our rule of thumb is for all prospective applicants to receive word within seven working days of whether their applications have been accepted or rejected.

If, at any stage, you feel the process has taken too long, or encounter issues with your recruitment process, contact us via our contact form.

If you’re having trouble with our application form, try the following:

  • If you were trying to apply on a mobile device, please try again on a PC or laptop
  • Submit the application form in an incognito window to avoid issues with your cache or browser extensions
  • Submit your application form using a different browser (preferably also in an incognito window)
  • Submit your application form using another PC or laptop
  • Submit your application form through another internet connection (e.g., a tethered hotspot from your phone)

If none of these steps resolves your problem and the site continues to malfunction, contact us using our contact form.

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