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What do we offer

Career path

Many of our advisors started working with us without knowing where to go. Many of them also had their first work experience with us. What happened? They grew with us, took different positions and helped 5CA become what it is today. We help our employees grow and we know we will keep on doing so.

We support each other

One of the best things about working at 5CA is that no one is alone, no matter they are working from. We can function because we support each other, and that’s the only way we can keep going forward. Our big-hearted people are always there for each other.

Your ideas are heard

5CA is full of young and inspiring people. That means that we are constantly receiving ideas on how to move forward with a project, or how to improve something. We are always open to constructive ideas, and if they are good, we do our best to put them into action. Do you have something to say?

Working from home in Europe

Socially engaged at a distance

We work hard to keep our remotely-located coworkers connected, and we do so through internal and public social channels. Check out our Facebook page to get a glimpse of our workspaces and team members, or follow us on Twitter if you want to hear about the latest in the industry.

They say Europe is a big country with small cities, well we do love the fact that we can learn more about our fellow neighbor countries on a daily basis.

5CA working culture

5CA is a flat and horizontal organization with a lot of responsibility on agent level and few management layers. We maintain this work spirit through an open door policy. We work with a variety of products and services, such as wireless technologies, multimedia, consumer electronics and games. This wide range of customer support keeps working at 5CA interesting.

Although we are continually focused on the latest technologies, we know that our people, their skills and creativity are the key to our success. For this reason we are continuously striving to make 5CA a better place to work.

Are you ready to work from home?

Check out below what you will be needing

  • You own a PC (Apple computers are not compatible) with a Core i5 (or better/similar) processor
  • 4GB of RAM (though 8GB or above is better)
  • 1.0 Mbps download speed
  • 0.5 Mbps upload speed
  • Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 with a 64-bit system
  • Having a pair of USB headsets (though this is required in the latter stages of the process)

Hear it from them

Working for 5CA has many advantages. First of all you can relate with people from all over the world and with many different cultures. In addition to that there are chances to grow within the company. The thing I prefer is, however, working from home. It comes with many advantages, I don’t have commuting costs or any risks connected to having to travel to a workplace, I can work from the comfort of my home and having my own equipment, I can prepare and eat whatever I want without having to rely on a canteen. Also, typically a work day in the “real” world consist of your shift + time for dressing + reaching the workplace, instead with 5CA you can work without having to think about this and you don’t waste time on public transport or in your car!

Palmerino Di Berardino

Product Specialist, 5CA