What brings us back to the office every day?

By Sarah Wetzel

Most of the time, our jobs are tough. Things go wrong, and we’re the people there to pick up the pieces. We’re hired because of our ability to transform an angry customer into a happy, loyal customer. And we’re good at it! But what makes the job worth it, and keeps us coming back for more each and every day?

1. The instant gratification you get when a customer’s issue is solved because of your help. 

When you’re speaking with a Baby Boomer who isn’t quite sure where the Start button is on their PC, the appreciation they have for you gives you that warm tingly feeling in your heart at the end of the call. We especially love that part of our job, because you’re really making a stranger’s day. We always look forward to that “thank you so much” at the end of the conversation!

2. The patience and other positive character attributes it brings into the rest of your life. 

Customer Care requires a special kind of personality to keep at it. Our agents are patient, outgoing, have a great sense of humor, and are just all-around fun to be around. We like to think they build on that character from their responsibilities as a Customer Care agent.


3. You appreciate the support you receive personally from your own favorite companies even more. 

Going out to a restaurant is a whole new experience once you’ve jumped into the Customer Care industry. Not only do you now enjoy the yummy plate of food placed in front of you, but also the kind server who encouraged you to try their personal favorite.


4. You become an excellent problem solver, and use that in everyday life. 

Before my own position as a Community Manager for Technical Support, I wasn’t exactly sure how to troubleshoot my own technical issues. Now, I have a brand new set of skills that save myself time and effort in solving the issue. It’s even more gratifying when friends start to trust your expertise, too!

5. You gain an invaluable skill that can be used in whichever career path you might follow. 

In any industry, you live by the motto “the customer is always right,” and for a good reason! As we all know, the customer is what keeps the business running. When you work in Customer Care, you learn invaluable skills like managing customers that you’ll use throughout your professional career.

6. You share a new kind of connection with your coworkers, and look forward to working with them the following day. 

Working with the full spectrum of customer-types can really make your day interesting. That being said, it’s nice to share the fun stories with your coworkers because they can relate – we all have experienced the Talkative one, the Hard-of-Hearing customer, the Know-it-All, and the Almost-Too-Friendly customer.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs


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