You know that lucky guy who gets all the cool stuff in life? Well, that’s Jason. He is 27, and year after year he gets to go to gaming conferences representing 5CA: such as E3, Games Con, GDC and many others. He gets to visit gaming studios and meet with some of the most talented people in the gaming industry.

Jason (on the floor), with his 5CA colleagues Peter and Saïd

Jason (on the floor), with his 5CA colleagues Peter and Saïd

But wait, how did he get there? We divided his story up into three parts:

1 . Jason discovers gaming

Jason started gaming in high school when he was 12. At that time he had dial-up internet at home. Then, when his parents bought a new computer, he found Diablo II. At some point, his parents got the first bill for the internet and saw the insane amount of money they were spending on his gaming. But Jason’s parents were way too cool and instead of taking the internet away from him, they actually upgraded the line so he could keep on keepin’ on.

When World of Warcraft was released in 2004, his friends from Diablo II started playing it and so did he. He describes this period as ‘six years lost of his life’. However, Jason and his guild were playing at the top of the European servers.

What about his career? Well, apparently high school and the first two years of college were easy for him. His WOW commitments started getting in the way so Jason decided to focus on his studies. Not that he stopped playing. He still played games like Call of Duty but he did it alone, no longer in a group. This gave him the flexibility to be able to finish his course.

Jason at E3 2016

Jason not being shy about his love for gaming

2 . The internship at CA

From this point on the good ol’ Jason was back. After graduating from his studies in 2012, he had to find an internship that would satisfy both his thirst for gaming and his need to get the heck outta Europe, even if only for a while. That’s when he found 5CA, a customer service outsourcing company located in Buenos Aires and the Netherlands. His first attempt at joining the company was sending an open application, as there were no internships available at the time.

In his CV, he put ‘Guild Master in WOW, leaving no doubt he was a dedicated gamer. His application was initially rejected, but 5CA called Jason back one week later, after closing a deal with a gaming-client. What was his internship title? It was “Game Master”.


Jason during his internship in 5CA Argentina

3 . He said yes to work as a GTA dedicated agent

After a while in South America, Jason decided to go back to The Netherlands and in 2013, 5CA asked if he wanted to work as a Grand Theft Auto dedicated agent in Utrecht. Of course, Jason said yes.

After recognizing his performance as a gaming agent, 5CA offered him a new position as a Gaming Specialist, where his role was to help improve gaming projects and guiding the team to a better understanding about gaming, regardless of which department they actually worked in. In 2015 Jason was offered the position of Quality Lead, making him responsible for the qualitative performance of various gaming projects.


Jason enjoying the VR rollercoaster at E3 2016

Jason enjoying the VR rollercoaster at E3 2016

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