When emails and phone calls become monotonous, 5CA connects with its remote colleagues with some of technology’s greatest inventions.

By Sarah Wetzel

When your workforce is made up mainly of (what we call) work-from-home-ers living all over the globe, it can be difficult to maintain a borderless communication structure. Simple questions can no longer be answered by walking over to your team member’s desk, and you’re forced to rely completely on a steady internet connection to get things done. Aside from that, some might be afraid to lose the same sense of office environment, but luckily we’ve learned how to adjust to this.

1. Internal chat 

Constant connection with coworkers is key to making a business run smoothly. When a tech issue pops up, you need to be able to get in touch with IT ASAP, so internal chats are crucial. In our office, we use Spark to connect our entire workforce!

2. Company social networks

Some of our agents would also agree that this is a crucial part to your social professional life. We make sure that our company is speaking to its people on multiple social channels, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This helps us not only connect professionally, but also allows us to get to know one another on a more personal level that you don’t necessarily find when working in an international environment.


3. Team meetings and Face-to-Face time

How does a team function without sharing ideas, collaborating and speaking face-to-face about their projects? Having periodic team meetings and/or individual meetings with team leaders allows our people to get the chance to express their needs and ideas personally instead of having to send a stuffy email. We encourage all of our people to speak up when meetings times are needed, so that we can keep our processes running smoothly.

4. Skype 

It would be great if we could use (skype) emoticons in emails, too. (fingerscrossed) With Skype (nazar), you can express a plethora of emotions (speechless) – some of which you might not even be able to express in person. (emo) Some of our WFHers (wasntme) take great pride in the art of Skype communication (call), and we couldn’t be prouder. (blush) I like to think I’ve also mastered this art, but you can judge for yourself. (bow)(rock) (Copy & Paste in Skype for the full message! (tmi))


5. Company Newsletter

This is a great way to keep your people up-to-date on company news on a regular basis. Newsletters also give us a chance to showcase the hard work our people do, which is a really important part of engaging them. In an interview with the New York Times, Tracy Streckenbach says that “Culture is about performance, and making people feel good about how they contribute to the whole” (Clear Goals Matter More Than Mission). What better way to recognize performance than through a company newsletter that everyone can read?


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