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About The Mind-Blowing CCP Fan Fest In Iceland

Written by: Lukas Wulfmeier Lukas is a Game Master (GM) at 5CA. Lukas, along with his co-GM Juan, was lucky enough to attend EVE Online’s Fanfest held in Reykjavik, Iceland. Lukas shares his experience interacting with his CCP Games counterparts and a brief visit to...

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5 tips for a successful job application

Tips for a triumphant job application by Nicolás Hirschhorn Have you ever heard of Tinder? If you have you’re probably familiar with the concept of swiping right and left. If you haven’t, you’re either in a very stable relationship or come from 1986, in which case I...

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How to know when a Work from Home job is legit

Make sure the Work from Home job offer you're about to apply for is legit. by Alexa van Wilgen I'm old, it pains me to say this but it's true. I could tell you stories that would make me sound older, but instead I'm going to talk about something none of you, no matter...

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6 Benefits of Working in Customer Care

What brings us back to the office every day? By Sarah Wetzel Most of the time, our jobs are tough. Things go wrong, and we’re the people there to pick up the pieces. We’re hired because of our ability to transform an angry customer into a happy, loyal customer. And...

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