About 5CA

5CA came up from humble beginnings. We have our incredible agents and partners to thank for the successes that we experience today. But it is good to remember where we came from, and where we are going. Here you will learn about 5CA’s history, past and current clients, and a little about the services that we offer.

Our Story So Far

5CA was founded in 1998 with a simple philosophy – to provide customers across the planet with the best customer experience no matter the channel, location or language. From our beginnings in Utrecht, The Netherlands, our adventures took us to places such as Karachi, Pakistan, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and now we’ve made our home in the world at large. Our successful work from home model, coupled with a history of innovation and rapid adoption of new technologies, has allowed us to grow and expand beyond the limits and expectations of your traditional support partner.

Our Services

Interested to find out what services we offer that have gotten us this far? You’ll find a sneak peek here, but if you want more details, don’t hesitate to head over to our corporate site at 5ca.com

Outsourced Customer Support

Customer support provided by fans of your brand. We deliver premium support from anywhere in the world, managed via a single point of contact.

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Pre-sales Support

Leverage support to contribute to your bottom line. Who better to advise your customers on their next purchase than the fans of your brand?

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VIP Player Support

Your most loyal players should get the best customer care. With VIP player support, you prioritize your VIPs and make sure they are given a solution right away.

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Technology Overview

We believe using best-of-breed tools helps facilitate best in class customer interactions. Read more about how our CX platform connects us to your tech stack.

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Our Teams

Imagine 5CA as a castle. It has heroes, builders, jesters, leaders, and more. Joining 5CA means taking your place in our castle. And here you can explore every wing of our castle to your heart’s content. 

Operations (Customer Support)

The Operations team is all about the people, either staff or customers. Each project has its differences from size, volumes, contact channels, opening hours, and language support as well as some differences in structure. But at the heart, they aim to always deliver the very best in service to our customers. Operations works closely with colleagues across various internal teams, as well as with our clients, ensuring they are working towards an aligned strategy.

Workforce Management & Traffic

Welcome to Workforce Management and Traffic. Here you will find the "organizers" who make sure operations don’t come crashing down like a house of cards. The Workforce Management (WFM) team is responsible for planning, scheduling, and analyzing all aspects of 5CA’s project workforce. They make sure we have the right people at the right time, by forecasting transaction volume (read: calls, chats, emails, and social interactions) and scheduling the correct number of agents with the proper skills accordingly.

Equally important are our Traffic Controllers. You could say that they are the "hall monitors" of 5CA. Traffic Controllers are responsible for the daily steering of our projects. They make sure we have the right people at the right time by checking agent attendance and adherence and distributing the workload as effectively as possible.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is responsible for designing and implementing customer service quality evaluations and quality development programs that are used across all of 5CA’s projects and departments. They design, implement and improve the quality control processes, as well as partnering with project management to improve the quality of the services we provide. QA helps to ensure that 5CA is always offering the highest quality support.

Talent Acquisition

5CA’s Talent Acquisition department identifies and connects with talented professionals around the world, coordinating the various recruitment stages that candidates at 5CA go through. Some of our Recruiters work from our 5CA offices, but most of them work remotely from home. They ensure we have the right match for all open positions while offering a best-in-class candidate experience! They are always on the lookout for people committed to quality and who love to celebrate their inner unicorn!

Human Resources

Human Resources is the nerve centre of the company. They look after our community during their whole cycle at 5CA, designing and implementing procedures to support them. They are not just directing and coordinating administrative functions, but also looking after individual needs, working towards the well-being of every contributor, making 5CA a great place to work!

Learning & Development

The Learning & Development team is your business partner for anything training related. They help to structure, design, discuss, and review training content as well as feedback on our projects. Not to mention, the team also manages all of the knowledge bases. They use proprietary learning tools to offer a vast variety of modules for our agents and staff to benefit from. With a “commit to quality” mindset, Learning & Development drive the future of 5CA through personal and professional development.


Our Enablement team allows us to use business infrastructure and core applications to provide customer service at its best. They play a vital role both internally and externally, from making sure everything is smoothly running on our own desks to working with clients’ requirements. Enablement consults on known solutions with individual customization in this high paced world we live in. Adventure-chasers, Enablement are constantly looking for new solutions, extending the capabilities of existing applications, and helping each and every project have the best infrastructure to reach its goals!

Data & Analytics

The Data and Analytics team is at the beating heart of 5CA’s efforts to be leaders in data-driven decision making, operational insights, and proactive analysis. Bringing information together in a meaningful way is the Data Team’s bread and butter. They do this by collaborating with 5CA’s stakeholders, both internally and externally. Anticipating their needs, taking a proactive approach to analysis, and encouraging a team environment that enables collaboration between team members.

Sales & Account Management

The Sales and Account Management team is responsible for all commercial activity within 5CA. They work strategically with our clients and prospects to achieve their business objectives so that each and everyone evolves into a long-term partner and ambassador for 5CA. From nurturing prospects and closing deals with new clients to growing our existing accounts. Sales and Account Management also work closely together with Marketing and Operations to deliver on this promise.

Marketing & Communications

Our marketers are true wizards of words and images. The Marketing team provides support by creating marketing campaigns, communication tools, content, and eye-catching designs that not only help 5CA build better experiences for our clients, but also recruit top-notch new candidates. Marketing also manages the external and internal communication platforms at 5CA, and help to position the company as pioneering leaders within our industry. 



Key to the success of any organisation is an engaged, motivated, and productive workforce. At 5CA, we’re well aware that our people are our most valuable asset, so we place particular importance on creating and maintaining a healthy, happy, and stimulating environment for everyone. This is why we have a dedicated team for Engagement. Their initiatives range from project-led engagement ideas, organising events, competitions and networking opportunities, to all sorts of other social and recreational activities. The Engagement team is also heavily involved with employee onboarding and internal communications, such as our fortnightly interdepartmental townhall the ‘Checkpoint’, and our weekly employee newsletter, the ‘Good Game Gazette’.

Legal & Compliance

Our Legal & Compliance team delivers efficient support for all legal related matters within 5CA. The team is usually busy with advising various stakeholders across a wide variety of legal and privacy questions, drafting and reviewing contracts, and ensuring 5CA policies and procedures are in line with all the legal and regulatory requirements.

Finance & Administration

Finance & Administration is, of course, an essential part of any business. This is no less true at 5CA. The team ensures that all financial analysis, auditor reports, and overviews are available to management and other stakeholders, internally and externally. Through financial and business analysis, they support decision making and provide insights to improve 5CA's business and financial performance, reflecting the most up to date financial position of the company. Their vibe is to keep 5CA’s daily financial data in control and facilitate stable growth and performance of the company.

Our Offices

We love remote work, but we are just as proud of our beautiful head office in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Just starting with us and not sure how to get there? Have no fear, you’ll find a road map, right here.

Our Clients

We have had the privilege of supporting an incredible list of clients: from triple A game developers/publishers, to extremely cool consumer elctronics. Below you will find an overview of the clients that we’ve served so far.

Epic Games

Games developer and publisher known for titles like Fortnite and Unreal Engine.

2K Games

Renowned publisher with a portfolio including the Borderlands, NBA 2K, and Bioshock series.


Mobile gaming giant best known for the Candy Crush series.

Gram Games

Mobile entertainment studio and the developer of global hits such as 1010! and Merge Dragons!


Hardware manufacturer of devices such as microprocessors and graphics processors.

PDP logo


Manufacturer of innovative gaming peripherals with illuminated design.


Global provider of mobile data services for travellers.


Premium Apple HomeKit-enabled products for the smart home.



Billing services provider focused on making online payments Safe, Simple & Secure



Game publisher known worldwide for their best selling title Rocket League.

WB Games

Games publisher known for a wide range of titles including Game of Thrones: Conquest.



Games developer and publisher known for games in the EVE universe such as EVE: Online.

Bang & Olufsen

Hardware manufacturer of personal audio devices with award-winning design


Online beer store with a wide selection of craft and specialty beers.


Manufacturer of award-winning gaming seats with customers in over 40 countries.


Manufacturer of Apple HomeKit-enabled smart door locks.

Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center helps creators with licensing, content, software and professional services.


Active in more than 130 countries, processing millions of online transactions.


Global Customer Support provider since 1998. With our headquarters in the Netherlands and remote jobs in more than 25 countries, we are a proud pioneer in the field of remote work.

The Netherlands office: Stationsstraat 154, Radboudhof, 3511 EK Utrecht

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