Here you have some pretty awesome example of employees that work with us and that have a great story to tell. Keep on reading, this gets pretty exciting!

“I put Guild Master in my CV and got hired. But there is much more to it.”

In order to graduate from my studies in 2012, I had to find an internship that would satisfy both my thirst for gaming and my need to get out of Europe, even if only for a while. That is when I found 5CA, a customer service outsourcing company located in Buenos Aires and the Netherlands. 

In my CV I put ‘Guild Master in WOW”, to not leave any doubt that I was a dedicated gamer. My application was initially rejected as there were no internships available, but 5CA called me back one week later after closing a deal with a gaming client. The title of my internship was “Game Master”.

After a while in South America, I decided to go back to The Netherlands and in 2013, 5CA asked if I wanted to work as a GTA V dedicated agent in Utrecht. Of course, I said yes.

After recognizing my performance as a gaming agent, 5CA offered me a new position as a Gaming Specialist, where my role was to help improve gaming projects and guiding the team to a better understanding of gaming, regardless of which department they actually worked in. In 2015 I was offered the position of Quality Lead, making me responsible for the qualitative performance of various gaming projects.

What do you expect to achieve within 5CA?

I want to keep working on exciting projects. Every time I come back from a gaming event or a meeting with clients I feel motivated to launch new innovative solutions to keep providing top class customer service.

I am very focused on my career, so by accomplishing that, I believe I’ll be happy on a personal level too.

“I lived in 3 different places since I started working at 5CA”

I started working for 5CA while being in France, after almost 5 years since I had left home. By that point, I knew I wanted to try something else (or rather somewhere else), but didn’t even know where and already had a feeling of what was going to come – looking for a place to live, a job, etc.

5CA gave me the opportunity to take my work with me, wherever I wanted (or needed) to go. At the end of my 5th year, I said to myself I wanted to spend the holidays with my family (after a 2-year break from seeing them), so I did. I spent the holidays back in my home country, while working, and set up a plan for my next (and hopefully final) destination, which was going to be Spain. And all that was left for me to do was to figure out the accommodation part, because the job was still there. That’s something that I’ve truly grown to appreciate about working for 5CA: you can work from anywhere in the world, so you’re not limited to staying in one place!

And not only that, but I feel that it’s rewarding on several levels: – it allows you to travel, which, in my case, fed my appetite for discovery and learning new things, and also, to grow professionally, by acknowledging when you’re a dedicated, hard-working person (in my case, I was offered a promotion after 6 months of taking calls).

What do you expect to achieve within 5CA?

I expect to discover, test and continue to push my limits while, at the same time, finding new ways to improve the workflow for all parties directly or indirectly involved with my working environment. Why? Because I believe that satisfaction at a company-level should translate to satisfaction at an employee-level.

“In the end you are dealing not with cases, but with people.”

As a military spouse, I do not get to choose where I live, I do not get to choose how long I will be at a certain location, and I may not even speak the language of the country I am in. Now I get to work in my native language while still working local hours.

 Anyone who has traveled will tell you how small the world really is. In eight months at 5CA I have worked, or am working with an ex-boyfriend, someone who grew up 5 miles from my hometown, people from places I have visited, and people from places I hope to visit. I was afraid it would be lonely working from home. But I have never had a more chatty bunch of colleagues, nor a more diverse group. I have a bunch of locations I simply have to visit, and plenty of people to stay at.

You get to help. You get to be the person that retrieves a much treasured saved game or gets a toy working for a desperate single parent. Maybe you help a disabled person set up their hands-free device allowing them to reach out when they want to. Many customers will write in letting you how much the support you offered meant to them. In the end, you are dealing not with cases, but with people.

You’re not alone. The network surrounding you is enormous. You might be in a home office of 1, but you have IT, Supervisors, HR, Team Leads and Product Specialists you can reach through chat, skype or consult calls. You’re allowed to learn and even better, teach. Growing into an ever expending role of knowledge with branch leaders. 


What do you expect to achieve within 5CA?

I have to say that I’ve been lucky enough, that I’ve achieved my goals at 5CA in under a year. I work comfortably, with nice colleagues, in a position I enjoy. I have interesting stories about my job to share with friends, I have a semi flexible schedule and I enjoy working with companies whose products entertain me after work (inside scoop bonus). While there are certainly things I aspire to, 5CA has met and exceeded the expectations I had for them, from the start!

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